DMT Technology services

Our Network and Network skills are amazing. We handle all network types. Video, Audio, Data, Voice, Cell Networks all take a different skill and knowledge. We are trained and certified in all network types.


Does your network have any problems like not working, slow, always restarting? Let us scan your system to find the problem and fix it the right way. Your network could be slow from a bad connection or a chatty network adapter.


Do you have poor Cell service in your building? Have a certified installer setup you cell booster and make sure it is done legally. You can not just install these items. They must be registered and approved. We will provide all the documents needed for the approval process and will watch over the process to ensure you are approved.


If you own multiple buildings lets us bring them all together as one with a point to point network. Save thousands over the long run.


DMT has a private network that offers real time backup, fast speeds, IPBX, and many more features.

You can join the DMT network starting at $24.95