DMT Technology services

We offer full service recovery of you electronic devices.


Our first visit we do a quick evaluation and get the paperwork out of the way.

Same day or next day we come out inventory all items.

Once inventory is done we pack all items up to take to our warehouse for processing.


Our processing is double check and sometime triple check if we are training new staff members. You will be emailed daily with updates.


Items that we can not recover or are not worth fixing we process them for recycling. We don't believe in putting items in the land fills.

We will provide a detail list of items with prices for DMT to replace them for you.


All items are open up clean, tested, and inspected. We will not return an item that may cause fire or electrical shock.



Items we recover are simple.

Does it plug in or run on batteries?

If yes then we handle it for you.


We will work with your insurance company.


We also work with a partner that will inventory and clean all non electronic items as well.

Power Surges, Water, Fire and Smoke damage is awful for any electronic device.  You can not just let items dry or just wipe them off. The item needs to be open and fully inspected. If not done correctly you run the risk of fire or electrical shock. Let the pros do this for you.



Data recovery.


we specialize in this. In the last 5 years we have recovered all data on disk or hard drives.


Some cases require a static room to recover your data. If not done in a static room you can count on your data being lost for ever.



We have several distributors and can replace most items to save you time from shopping for items.


We will deliver and setup items just as they where before your disaster.


We only replace with same items or comparable item. Most insurance companies will not pay for upgraded items.